Wednesday, October 1, 2008

waking up to the sound of blowing horns and shaking TV

well, today I managed to watch an episode of Fringe, the latest TV series by JJ Abrams about pseudoscience (weird experiments on mind reading, teleportation etc). Seems like heroes without the hot chicks and X-Files without the spooky music but hey, beats watching shows that clearly are past their prime....yes im talking about Lost and prison break. One thing i have to bring up about Fringe is the seemingly angry look on Olivia Dunham's face (Anna Torv), she looks like she swallowed dog shit, i mean CMON, have a more joyful expression on your face. Apart from that, the show has its exciting moments coupled with bouts of insanity and utter confusion; im talking about the parts where Dr.Bishop starts explaining his weird experiments..............

Ok, lets move on a bit. Well, the news seems to be filled with Senator Obama having a lead over Senator McCain. Wow, now was that really a surprise? Obama has spent the last few months with his 'yes we can' messages and how McCain is simply Bush version 3. People keep saying that experience matters when choosing your candidate, thats UTTER BOLLOCKS! both the candidates have not been president before, how could one possibly say that the other is inexperienced....being president is totally different from being a relatively insignificant senator who just goes with his respective party and occasionally helps form a new bill! The thing that will shape this election is economy, race (anyone who says otherwise is just trying to be politically correct) and foreign policy. Lets face it, we are the most hated people on the planet and i really do hope the next president can help people like us more, ohhh god im sounding a child yearning for his mother! im also looking forward to the VP debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, seems like the bets are flying on who will make the first goof up....i wont reveal my bet due to reasons of impartiality.

well, i gotta pack up and head to college now, s'long folks.

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