Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 1of the world in the eyes of a daily watcher

Hi there! breaking the ice, my name is Dave and I will be blogging about how i see the world at its current moment. Obviously I cant talk about everything but I will touch on topics close to my heart like the latest movies, TV shows, politics, superstring theory (hahahaaa, not really) and every other thing that passes my watchful eyes.

So today lets talk about the economy because it definitely affects me, you and every soul out there and yes, even Bill Gates and Donald Trump. The beauty of the american dollar is it can make or break the entire world and it has done over the last few days. People keep blaming the banks Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae all the banks with funny names.......the fact of the matter is that EVEN THOUGH they are run by greedy corporate dastardly power hungry men, they should be allowed to go bankrupt. Which is why I have to ask Dick Cheney to *accidently* fire his rifle at Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats (I might add a few Republicans too)......look, do we really want another Great Depression? the answer is no, why? Inflation (paying a sack of full of dollar notes for a loaf of bread), rising unemployment ( worse than right now).....are some of the disadvantages.

Sure the government bailout is gonna use taxpayers money but do u want to end up homeless and without a job? I do agree though that the banks should have a strict oversight committee so they cant just lend money to any person who wears clothes........but right now, that bailout needs to be done NOW...RIGHT NOW. its not only gonna affect our country but the rest of the world as well......boy are they gonna hate us even more! Lucky we still have Hollywood to cover our asses, even that seems to be thinning out. anyways, i really wish the Democrats and Republicans would end their pointless bickering and actually do something. I doubt we will have another Great Depression but hey we could have a real problem on the hands and with the current president incapable of speaking clearly for more than 20 seconds, I have great doubts about whether the economy will pull through without the bailout.

Right, well thats all for today folks see ya later. Peace out

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