Saturday, October 18, 2008

Decision to vote

Well the elections to choose the next president are fast approaching and so far, we have had three debates that have focused on topics of little importance. Senator Obama connected to Ayers and ACORN and all kinds of radical groups, i guess the neo conservative establishment got tired with the Muslim terrorist angle. Senator McCain being too old and not focused on the right issues like economy and portraying Barack Obama in a highly negative fashion? Yes, all these accusations have been flying around. Dave Letterman joined in for a bit with some truly hilarious outakes on Senator McCain and Sarah Palin!

Who do I think will win this election? Well, if you asked me that question a month back, I would have said John McCain by a narrow margin, Right now, Obama has the best bet of uniting both parties and gaining support from formerly Republican fortress states. McCain unfortunately, has probably lost nearly all the 'Hillary women' votes plus nearly all Democratic votes by his pretty strong negative rhetoric of Obama which for all intents and purposes, has become personal.

The Troopergate Scandal, SNL and countless interviews and conservative op-eds have dampened Sarah Palin's initial fireworks if I might use the word. She started out as a possible Hillary Clinton wannabe who could bring a lot of female votes for McCain but strangely enough, I do not feel that she is experienced enough. There are certain pre requisites to becoming a vice president and since she has a good chance of becoming president, not knowing what American foreign policy has been a.k.a Bush Doctrine and ignorance of basic geography can be a great hindrance to the nation.

Right now, America needs a tough leader who can unite the nation under one flag and not under Red and Blue states. A nation that can stop its pointless political bickering, strengthen the economy and pursue better relations with the world. Easier said than done but President Bush has made life difficult for the next president and whether it will be Barack Obama or John McCain, it is imperative that we support whoever wins!

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