Monday, October 6, 2008

The art of couch potato-ing

There is nothing better to do than sit ur ass on the couch, switch on the TV and have a huge bowl of potato and / or pizza with you....oops did i forget the occasional coke bottle. Yes, that is how we watch television these days, in fact i doubt many of us could watch through a film without eating something.....and yes, garlic bread while watching terminator is not something to envy. But is it so much of a disease? Would the process of saying 'hang on, i cant watch a Steven Seagal movie without pizza' actually an illness?

Alrite, lets cut to the chase.....ppl say obese people spend too much time on the couch. well thats true but what do they do on the TV!!! so tv has a link to you might say, wow did u figure that one out, i am so totally impressed with ur sherlock holmes like logc! honestly, i think being a person who watches tv while eating a snack cannot be classified as a link to obesity.....look im sure everyone of us eats food at times while watching a movie....but not all of us are fat!

There are things called exercise, work, walking around that all factors in....i hate it how ppl say ohh u sit on the couch and eat stuff, ur fat or ur leading an unhealthy lifestyle! So next time the doc or ur parents tell u, dont be a couch potato, u tell them that hey, just because i sit next to the tv and eat doesnt mean that i will be fat.......unless u are already fat which......can create a bit of a problem. So to conclude, exercise, do ur normal stuff BUT DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SIT ON THE COUCH AND EAT UR FAVOURITE PIZZA AND CHOCOLATE FUDGE......

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