Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kill me Ando

just finished watching the fifth episode of Heroes. I have to say, one of the main reasons Heroes rocks is because it is so unpredictable. Hiro killing Ando, Angela Petrelli's husband in control of a rival company, a hero with vortex powers!!! The amazing bit is Sylar who is apparently reformed.....well i guess he might be hiding something. The worst bit was the Hiro killing Ando, oh cmon Hiro could have run away for all i care, why THE HELL did he have to kill his best friend, his only friend!

Oh yea and Mohinder Suresh, ouch..that guy definitely did not have the genes to be a hero, got some crazy power....some spiderman power. Great to see Maya has controlled her power, although it really came at the wrong time cause she should have killed Mohinder, lets see how everything goes though. Heroes is all about prophecies although the second season did not have many bad omens. I guess the second season was all about getting together, realising potential after the climatic events of the first where New York City was nearly blown up.

People keep asking, why is Heroes such a big hit unlike other special ability series like Mutant X? well, mutant x had a similar storyline BUT there was never really any character development and the storyline kinda dragged on with the same recurring theme....which was fighting some evil company. Heroes does have that theme but there are sooooo many sub plots which culimate into one huge climax....thats where Heroes is different. It isnt so evil to have a real bad ass in Sylar too. Heroes will air for at least five seasons but hopefully, it will go on and on and on....ranks right up there with my all time favourites.

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