Friday, October 10, 2008

Censoring my eyes and ears a.k.a the Internet

What can we do without the Internet? Well, according to some Amish folk, a lot! Well I love the Internet because it is the free-est form of information there is.....well obviously if you end up in Fox News or Hate [insert hate object here]. com, you may be surprised. But hey, for the most part....a person who generally knows his way around the Web can find a host of free, unbiased IN YOUR FACE material. Then again, there are doomsayers who think otherwise.....they believe that the Internet will soon be controlled by a shady group of individuals bent on world domination and enslavery.......

Surfing through Google News, one can find over a thousand, THOUSAND articles on a particular news topic, a hundred thousand if its on Paris Hilton. So many people writing about a newsarticle, there is a high probability that there are some truths in each of those articles, so from that, you can piece together the information on what really happened. People say countries block people from seeing certain websites....countries have been so brazen as to ban Myspace and even in some cases! What is the world coming to? Then again, im guessing blogs have been blogged, bloggers beaten to death for spreading information......why is that? Countries may try and block sites BUT people have their ways of getting info......and no, it does not involve bribing or blackmail. Im talking about proxies.....ohh yeaa its the God of free information and entertainment if you know what i mean.

Countries may be able to block websites but at what cost? A country like Burma would have to literally stop providing Internet to their other words, you may be able to block what people see, but you cannot CONTROL THE INTERNET. controlling the internet means blocking posts by bloggers, stopping videos just before upload completion etc.....even if the most powerful company bought the whole Internet, it is way to vast to control. There will always be a site or blog or article that will diss them. Yes, the Internet has grown and in ways unimaginable to some of us, it is a universe of information and you cannot stop its continued growth or ever hope to control all of it. A good example is Google; you type in google sucks and the first site it takes you to is tells me that there are still companies out there who want to preserve the freedom of the Internet.......long live my eyes and ears of the world. the World Wide Web

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